Can you sprinkle some magic this Christmas by donating a gift to our dementia patients? 

It can be a very lonely time of year for hospital patients, being away from friends and family at a time of togetherness and celebration. You can help to change this. Our staff have suggested a Christmas Wish List of tried and tested gifts and activities that can help those patients living with dementia, to keep them entertained and engaged during their hospital stay. 

Here's how you can help:

  • Knitting Doll craft kit - £5.00
  • Memory activity book - £5.00
  • Felt making craft kit- £15.00
  • Reminiscence activity pack (to stimulate memory and encourage conversation and interactivity with others) - £20.00
  • Giant interactive board games - £20.00  
  • CD Player - £30.00
  • Aqua Paint Pack (Art supplies for several patients to promote communication and creativity) - £75.00

To donate, visit ​​​​​​​

dementia JG photo.png